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Israel penetrate the depth of Saudi Arabia

By : Jack Lao
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Israel penetrate the depth of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia not only supported "Israel" at the expense of the Palestinians, but also opened its doors to Zionist projects that penetrated the depth of Saudi Arabia, from the gate of the military and security and espionage under the pretext of "confronting Iran."
The question is whether confronting Iran pushing Saudi Arabia to allow Israel to destroy and occupy Palestine and build its own base and its territory and in a very sensitive area.
In the past, Saudi Arabia began secret talks with Israel in order to reach a new military agreement that would open doors that were previously closed and difficult to approach, and the intervention of the occupation state deep in the Arab region, according to Arab sources spoke to the site "Gulf Online."
The Arab sources added that "Israel" and although it became the preferred military market of Saudi Arabia, in the sale of sophisticated military products with large financial transactions, they want to move to much bolder step, and began racing against time in order to penetrate as much as possible in the depth of Arab and Islamic countries, which raised high the banner of normalization.
She explained that the eye of the occupation is now heading towards the land of Saudi Arabia, and seeks to obtain a land very similar to the closed military airport, in order to land by military aircraft that roam the area, and allowed to refuel, the establishment of Israeli soldiers and even the placement of surveillance, radar and espionage equipment for the security of military airports.
The same Arab sources pointed out that the Israeli request was submitted to Saudi Arabia months ago, and began to hold consultations and meetings around it, and provides for the rental of the occupation of the military area for long-term material return.
She said that this step, if agreed upon between the parties and gave Riyadh the land of the occupying state it will be a historic precedent, and the unexpected progress in bilateral relations and military between the two sides, will open new horizons for the rest of the Arab countries behind Saudi Arabia in its relations with "Israel".
Arab sources confirmed that the area is located near the Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Regional Airport, and about two kilometers from the city of Tabuk, north of Saudi Arabia.
This area is sensitive, strategically and militarily important and is the closest Saudi area from the state of occupation, and the latter wants it to be a military station for its aircraft and the planting of espionage equipment and surveillance, and it will be a point of military cooperation between Riyadh and Tel Aviv on the pretext of confronting the threat of Iran and influence in the Gulf region.
This project means beyond any doubt that "Israel" was able to penetrate the depth of Saudi Arabia, and was able to reach the depth of a state that the Arabs and expect it to be the last country will go to normalize with "Israel" as it presents itself as "protector of Arabs and Muslims", as well as being a religious center and includes the Two Holy Mosques, but did not give the rulers of Saudi Arabia any consideration of this privacy, and put their hands in the hands of the Israeli at the expense of the Arab civilization, culture and shared their memories account, which distorted by Saudi actions.
This is in terms of military normalization, which extended to the point that Saudi Arabia is preparing itself to buy Israeli military equipment, but who will it shoot ?, Who is the enemy ?, If "Israel" is not the enemy, who is the enemy in this East, Arab or Islam? Is the fear of Washington and Trump pushing Saudi Arabia to turn over all moral concepts and standards?
In terms of economic normalization, apart from the fact that Saudi Arabia participated in the Manama workshop, which represents the economic aspect of the deal of the century, which aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause, It wants to pass from its territory an Israeli train called the "Regional Peace Railway" that will be launched from the city of Haifa to Bisan (inside the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948), passing through the Sheikh Hussein Bridge connecting Jordan and from there to the northern city of Irbid, Gulf states and Saudi Arabia.
And said "Israel in Arabic," page of the Israeli Foreign Ministry that Minister Yisrael Katz, put forward an initiative to link Saudi Arabia and the Gulf through Jordan to the Israeli railway line to Haifa.
And added in the tweet of the social networking site "During his visit to Abu Dhabi, the Israeli foreign minister put forward an initiative linking Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states through Jordan to the Israeli railway network and the Haifa port in the Mediterranean." The initiative results in shorter, cheaper and safer regional trade routes than which will support the economies of countries."
"I am excited to be here in Abu Dhabi to represent the interests of the State of Israel with the Gulf states," the minister was quoted as saying during his visit.
There is significant progress in the relationship between "Israel" and the countries of the region. I will continue to work with Prime Minister Netanyahu to promote a policy of cooperation based on Israel's capabilities in the areas of civil, security and intelligence. "
Late last month, at the International Transport Conference held in the Omani capital Muscat, Kats presented a railway project called "The Peace Railway" to the Gulf States and a number of Arab countries, linking the Gulf states to Israel through Jordan.
Katz, who rejects the establishment of a Palestinian state, pointed to the "benefit" that will be restored to the Palestinians through this plan, by linking them to the port of Haifa to the west and the Gulf states to the east.
According to a presentation of the project, Kats published through his calculations on social networking sites, "The initiative is based on two basic ideas: Israel will be a land bridge, and Jordan is a regional center for the transport of goods."