Tuesday 6 August 2019 - 06:49

What Is the World’s Most Corrupt Country?

By Eric Zuesse
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What Is the World’s Most Corrupt Country?
Is it the country that’s so corrupt at the very top, so that the model their aristocracy sets for their subjects to respect is so thoroughly rotten that this country has the world’s highest percentage of its people in prisons? If those prisoners are behind bars because they authentically should be, then that country is rotten at the bottom. But otherwise than that, there would have to be, above its bottom, at the level of the country’s entire criminal-justice system, a horrific amount of injustice, in order to place so many people behind bars, because this country’s having the world’s highest imprisonment-rate would then NOT reflect the prisoners’ extraordinary badness, but, instead, it would reflect the government’s extraordinary badness. In either instance, this country is an extraordinary global model of corruption, and truly earns the prize: “the world’s most corrupt nation.” (Furthermore: to the extent that this country’s having the world’s highest percentage of its people in prison does reflect extraordinary badness of the general population, it would mean that their government has been atrocious; and, therefore, the country’s elite — the people who control its government — would still have to be ultimately to blame. Consequently: having the world’s highest imprisonment-rate is a remarkably clear indication that the country’s government is uniquely atrocious.)
Of course, this country is the United States of America — none other — a ‘democracy’ that accuses, as being authoritarian and corrupt, the nations (such as Venezuela, and Iran, and Syria, and Russia, and China) that it aims to strangulate by imposing economic sanctions, and coups, and invasions, or whatever else its aristocracy (through the government that they directly control, the United States Government) can do, in order to grab. The USA. is the world’s global-imperial country. Its aristocracy want to control everything. This is clear. And that’s why it’s also the world’s most corrupt nation.
The standard ranking for nations’ corruption is the extremely opaque (non-transparent) Transparency International rankings. They say “The index draws on 13 surveys from independent institutions specialising in governance and business climate analysis covering expert assessments and views of businesspeople.” How ‘independent’ are they? Who are they? TI doesn’t volunteer such crucial information. TI certainly isn’t eager to become “Transparent” itself, and to answer such questions — at least not in any easily accessible and clear way, online, to the global public.
Transparency International is actually funded by the US and its European allies (in other words, it’s a US Cold War, CIA-affiliated, operation, against Russia and any nation that’s friendly toward Russia), as a PR gimmick, in order to use against governments (ones they score lower) which the US aristocracy (America’s billionaires) simply want to regime-change — overthrow, control, take over, add to the list of countries that are obedient to US billionaires’ demands. TI scores all of those less-obedient nations lower. Almost all on the list of TI’s donors (the nations that are scored higher) are controlled by US-and-affiliated billionaires. TI is one of the US billionaires’ agencies; and TI’s ‘findings’ are consistent with the plan of TI’s masters. It’s no mere coincidence that they are scored higher — it’s part of their plan. It’s part of what all of them buy with their donations. America’s current TI ranking, as of 9 July 2019, of 22 out of 180, is said there to be from “Corruption Perceptions Index 2018”. The US scores below 21 nations. Here are the top 25, in order from the top: Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Canada, Luxembourg, Germany, UK, Australia, Austria, Hong Kong, Iceland, Belgium, Estonia, Ireland, Japan, France, US, Uruguay, Barbados.
All of those top 22 governments — both directly and indirectly — fund TI. So: they’re all rated among the top 25. Is that really mere coincidence? None of the top-scoring countries should be funding it, but all of them are. How ‘objective’ are such ratings? Furthermore, Barbados is one of the world’s leading tax-havens, serving billionaires from all over the world, to hide their wealth, and to avoid taxes. How ‘Transparent’ is that?
Then, starting at #26, and going down to #50, it’s: Bhutan, Chile, Seychelles, Bahamas, Portugal, Brunei, Taiwan, Qatar, Botswana, Israel, Poland, Slovenia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Georgia, Latvia, St. Vincent, Spain, Cabo Verde, Dominica, South Korea, Costa Rica, Rwanda, St. Lucia.
Then, prominent nations going down to the very bottom are: Italy is 54. Saudi Arabia is 59. Cuba is 61. Greece is 67. South Africa is 77. India is 83. Turkey is 87. China is 90. Brazil is 107. Ukraine is 123. Honduras is 133. Iran is 139. Russia is 143. Nigeria is 148. Nicaragua is 155. Zimbabwe is 160. Haiti is 163. Iraq is 168. Venezuela is 169. Libya is 171. Afghanistan is 172. North Korea is 176. Yemen is 177. Syria is 179. Somalia is 180 (the last and supposedly most corrupt).
Barbados, Seychelles, Bahamas, Cyprus, St, Vincent, and St. Lucia, are all leading tax-havens, to hide wealth from being taxed. And, for example, Seychelles grants “complete immunity from prosecution in criminal proceedings and the protection of assets from forfeiture even if investment were earned as a result of crimes”. Moreover, most tax-havens were established by the British Empire: Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Turks and Caicos Islands, Anguilla, Montserrat, Jersey, Guernsey, Dominica, and Isle of Man — all of them are. Furthermore, some of the main tax-havens aren’t even listed among the 180 TI-rated nations. Examples of this are Nauru, Cook Islands, and Liechtenstein; and that’s like a signal for billionaires to ‘earn’ their money in such places, since those are especially obscure locales for tax-collectors to look for offshore wealth. So much, then, for ‘Transparency International’.
America’s two main allies in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Israel, don’t score amongst the top nations, and this might suggest that their billionaires are part of the US aristocracy — indissolubly connected with it — or even perhaps masters to it; and they therefore don’t even need to concern themselves about their PR.
But none of that list is, at all, trustworthy. Methodology is everything, and TI’s methodology is untrustworthy. It has to be taken on faith — or else not at all — in order to trust TI. No scientific investigation can be like that — faith-based. Furthermore, the funding and history of TI appear to explain why it’s untrustworthy.