Wednesday 20 January 2021 - 14:03
Islam Times' Exclusive Interview with Pastor Rowland Sanda, Christian Supporters of Sheikh Zakzaki:

US and Zionist Regime are Behind the Denial of Justice that is Being Done to Sheikh Zakzaki and the Islamic Movement

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US and Zionist Regime are Behind the Denial of Justice that is Being Done to Sheikh Zakzaki and the Islamic Movement
My name is Pastor Rowland Sanda. I pastor with "Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Fellowship" in Kaduna State of Nigeria.

Islam Times:  Sources close to Sheikh Zakzaki say, they have information that the United States and the Zionist regime are involved in putting pressure on the Islamic Movement of Nigeria led by Sheikh Zakraki. Whats your idea about that?

Pastor Rowland Sanda: Before the Sheikh was imprisoned, I personally heard him mentioned that there is this pressure by the US and the Zionist regime on the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. Seeing the denial of justice being done to him and the Islamic Movement currently, it is a clear that what he said was true.

Islam Times: As a prominent Christian figure, have you taken any effective action to free Sheikh Zakzaki?

Pastor Rowland Sanda: Myself and many other Christians involved in one of the early peaceful demonstrations in Abuja on "Free Sheikh Zakzaki" but the police resisted us with tear gas and we had to run for our lives.

It is absolutely obvious that the Nigerian government does not want him freed. There seems to be a very strong international and ideological interests that drives the Nigerian government's injustice to the Sheikh. All efforts made prove abortive. They do not allow anyone to see the Sheikh except for his lawyers and his doctors.

A heavy restriction and frustration is made to every efforts being made to free Sheikh Zakzaki. Even the peaceful demonstrations are not allowed.

Islam Times: In the end, what message do you have for the free people of the world?

Pastor Rowland Sanda: As long as injustice is being done to anyone in the society, the same evil can be done against anyone else tomorrow. Therefore we should not fold our arms and be quite otherwise it would get to our turn. Injustice is evil and it is a respecter of no one. We should not be quiet because we are free. We will not be free for too long because the injustice we allow to exist among us would one day soon or later catch up with us.