Tuesday 15 May 2012 - 08:22

Clashes between Salafists & pro-Syrians continue in Lebanon

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Clashes between Salafists & pro-Syrians continue in Lebanon
On the third consecutive day of clashes the death toll rose to five with over seventy wounded as anti Syrian Salafists exchanged fire with pro Syrian groups.

The Lebanese army sealed off the area of the clashes, but has yet to intervene to stop the violence. Meanwhile just a couple of blocks away, and under the huge posters of some of the staunchest anti Syrian figures, the salafists escalated their strike which has been ongoing for days.

The protesters blocked roads around the city’s main square after an individual by the name of Shadi Mowlawi was formally charged with belonging to an armed terrorist group. Mowlawi is a native from the city of Tripoli and is said to be a staunch supporter of the Syrian opposition. It was after his arrest three days ago that tensions broke out and now with the charges leveled against him more escalation is anticipated.

But people on the opposite side of the spectrum quickly point out that Mowlawi was charged by the state commissioner to the military court, and that this fact proves his guilt.

The pro Syrian camp in Lebanon also accuses the Salafists of targeting the Lebanese army and of being involved in an Israeli led campaign against Bashar Al-Assad.

With the events in Tripoli Lebanon has joined Syria under the security and sectarian spotlight. And many believe that as long as the Syrian crisis continues, Lebanon remains under the threat of more escalation.