Wednesday 8 August 2012 - 08:29

Larijani: raging fire in Syria will burn the Zionists

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Larijani: raging fire in Syria will burn the Zionists
Larijani said in his opening remarks before the start of the activities of Iran's parliament on Sunday that the resignation of Special Representative of the United Nations in the affairs of Syria and visits by U.S. officials and their contacts with some of the region's political and military support, reflects the failure of their plans.

Larijani pointed to the sharp remarks fired by the leaders of the Zionist entity against Iran and Hezbollah, describing it as empty threats that do not fit with natural size of the Zionist entity and considered it indicative of the confusion of this entity from the rapid developments in the region.

Larijani: we hope that the demands of the people of this region be fulfilled liberated from the clutches of oppressive dictatorships and pro-American administration, and that democracy prevails over these countries.

The President of the Islamic Shura Council assured that the conditions at the present time are not as before.