Monday 13 August 2012 - 09:15

Humiliation of Afghan soldiers by Americans sparks violence: Afghan expert

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Humiliation of Afghan soldiers by Americans sparks violence: Afghan expert
“…Afghan officers, even high-ranking officers are being treated with a great deal of contempt by low-ranking American officers, or low-ranking NATO officers, in fact I have first hand observations on several occasions that Afghan colonels have been treated like dirt if you will by an American captain,” said Afghan author and expert, Mohammed Daoud Miraki said.

He made the remarks after several NATO-led soldiers were killed by their local colleagues in the so-called green-on-blue attacks in southern Afghanistan.

Inspector general police of Helmand Province, Abdul Nabi Ilham said on Saturday that the attacks “have left eight foreign soldiers dead over the past three days.”

    Referring to the fact that the US-led foreign troops, who are still in Afghanistan in order to train the afghan army, do not work with them on an equal basis, the analyst added that “When high-ranking [Afghan] officers are treated in such manner the low-ranking soldiers they say what is this nonsense? We get salary for this but we are not here to compromise our dignity.”

On Tuesday, an American soldier died in the east when two men in Afghan army uniform opened fire, and on Thursday an Afghan soldier was killed after turning his weapon on NATO troops, also in the east.

The shootings are reflective of the increase in ‘green-on-blue’ attacks in Afghanistan.

    According to a NATO count, Green-on-blue attacks, in which Afghans turn their weapons against their foreign allies, have killed a total of 34 foreign soldiers this year.

Thousands of NATO troops, due to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014, are still in the country under the pretext of ‘training and working alongside Afghan soldiers’ for the anti-insurgency campaign.

The 2001-present US-led war in Afghanistan, which has caused record-high civilian and military casualties, has become the longest military conflict in the American history.