Sunday 9 September 2012 - 08:42

‘Iraq invasion undermined UK democracy’

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Former Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer
Former Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer
Lord Falconer was one of former prime minister Tony Blair’s closest allies during the build up to war in 2003.

The Blair government's role in the war against Iraq "absolutely undermines the basis of our democracy", said Lord Falconer, speaking before the 10th anniversary of the September dossiers.

It was claimed in the dossier that the then Ba’athist regime of Iraq under executed dictator Saddam enjoyed the capability to launch a chemical attack within 45 minutes.
The claim, which later proved to be just ‘a claim’, provided the basis for invasion of Iraq.

"I think it [the run-up to war] has had a hugely damaging effect on politics. I supported and continue to support the use of force”, said the former lord chancellor.

"But in terms of people's trust in politicians the impression is that the government misled the country in relation to the reasons for war and embarked upon war in circumstances where there wasn't a proper justification", added Falconer.

Lord Falconer also conceded that the Blair government invaded Iraq "without [the] proper support" of the British public.

Falconer is accused of putting pressure on the then attorney general Lord Goldsmith to declare Iraq invasion as legal in March 2003.