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‘Anonymous’ hacks Spain parliament’s website: Report

26 Apr 2013 20:55

Islam Times - The ‘Anonymous’ hacking group says it has taken down the website of Spain’s parliament as Spanish people assembled in the capital, Madrid, for an anti-government demonstration.

Sources in the parliament told the Spanish daily El Mundo that the cyber attack jammed the servers at the parliament and caused its website to become inaccessible to the public, Russia Today reported on Thursday.
Spanish police arrested four people suspected of preparing incendiary devices only hours before the mass protest in Madrid. Officials said the four were preparing to burn down a bank.
On Thursday, thousands of protesters gathered outside the parliament a day before the government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was to unveil its latest package of economic reforms.
Official figures by Spain’s National Statistics Institute show that the total number of unemployed people in Spain has passed the six million mark, reaching to 6.2 million.
According to reports, some 1,400 policemen were deployed around the parliament and the building was totally cordoned off ahead of the demonstration.
Spain is in the grip of a double dip recession, which has driven its unemployment rate to 55 percent among those aged 16 to 24.
The country’s economy shrank by 1.37 percent in 2012, which is considered the second worst annual slump since 1970.
The Spanish economy collapsed into recession in the second half of 2008, taking millions of jobs with it.
People in Spain blame Rajoy’s conservative government for the harsh austerity measures, which has forced companies to shut down.

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