Tuesday 17 February 2015 - 12:12

Abdollahian: Tehran, Riyadh Can Help Fight Terrorism

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Abdollahian: Tehran, Riyadh Can Help Fight Terrorism
“We believe that Tehran and Riyadh have the necessary potential to help countries exposed to the threat of terrorism in the region,” Abdollahian said Tuesday, IRNA reported.
The Iranian diplomat made the remarks while commenting on Tehran’s position towards Riyadh as an influential player in the region.
He referred to the weak or incompetent governments in the region as the basic problem on the way of eradicating terrorism from the region.
“There are some parties trying to intensify regional problems by accelerating ethnic, religious or tribal conflicts under the excuse of terrorism,” said the Iranian diplomat.
He stressed that the lack of effective cooperation among regional countries and the weakness of certain regional states were key factors leading to a security and political gap in western Asia.
Abdollahian regretted that certain regional countries are linked to the Takfiri and terrorist groups which are in turn working with some intelligence services out of the region.