Sunday 14 May 2017 - 06:45

Syria Safe Zones Mean Less Fighting

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Syria Safe Zones Mean Less Fighting
Although, western media outlets are claiming that Russia is imposing a no-fly zone for everyone over large swaths of Syria, the reality is that there will be no militarily-enforced "no-fly zones" in Syria.

Instead, these "safe" zones will be without any form of military actions whatsoever, and will increase the areas where civilians can live freely while a political solution for the conflict is sought. 

Syrian law will be enforced in these zones and the Syrian government will provide civil services, rebuild civilian infrastructure and facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid. In return, the opposition groups are not allowed to launch any attacks from these zones; nor are they allowed to mobilize in any way. 

The Syrian authorities assisted by its ally Russia, is committed to all attempts to reduce tension among Syrians for the international community to focus on eradicating the foreign terrorist groups plaguing the country.