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Fatah, Hamas Meet in Gaza; Exchange Lists of Political Prisoners

Al-Manar , 18 Jun 2009 20:00

Palestinian rivals Fatah and Hamas leaders held a meeting in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday night and exchanged lists of political prisoners, a senior Fatah official said.

Ibrahim Abu al-Najja told reporters that the two movements' leaders reiterated during the meeting what had been agreed upon in the previous meeting held in Gaza two days ago. "We agreed to stop media campaigns and incitement as well as halting political arrests in the West Bank and Gaza Strip," said Abu al-Najja, adding "in today's meeting, we exchanged the lists of political prisoners detained in both areas."

The Strip has been under the Hamas control since June 2007,while the occupied West Bank remained under western-backed President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party. Both had cracked down on each other's movements' members.

"Hamas leaders promised during the meeting to positively consider the list of Fatah prisoners in its jails in Gaza," said Abu al-Najja, adding that "the meeting was positive and constructive."

Egypt, who sponsors the Palestinian reconciliation dialogue, intends to invite Fatah and Hamas leaders for a final round of talks on June 28. Egypt insists that the Palestinian factions have to sign an agreement in Cairo on July 7.

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