Monday 21 October 2019 - 10:54

Libya: Al-Wefaq forces seize positions in Ain Zara

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Libya: Al-Wefaq forces seize positions in Ain Zara
In a statement published on the Libyan private channel "February" on its Facebook page was: "The progress of the forces of the volcano of anger (belonging to the Government of Accord) was monitored at the center of Ain Zara south of the capital Tripoli and its control over the road to the Abyar and the Taiba mosque."

The channel quoted the commander of the marina battalion Colonel Jamal Triki as saying: "Our forces control new positions at the center of Ain Zara."

In a second statement, the channel said: "Progress has been monitored for the soldiers of the volcano of anger on the militias of Hifter in the Tuwaisha, Tripoli."

In a related context, condemned counter-terrorism force (belonging to the Government of Al-Wefaq) targeting one of its headquarters by the UAE aviation supporter Haftar

In a video statement read by an unnamed counter-terrorism force commander broadcast on Al-Jazeera, the force accused Haftar of “supporting ISIS”.

The Wefaq government filed a complaint against the UAE before the UN Security Council in September for "hostility and supporting attempts to overthrow the legitimate government."

At the end September the government of al-Wefaq accused the "Emirates Airline" of bombing "vital civilian targets" in the city of Sirte (450 km east of Tripoli); in support of the eastern forces led by Haftar.

The UAE is silent about the accusations.

Since April 4, Haftar's forces have been pursuing a faltering offensive to control the capital Tripoli, the seat of the Wefaq government.
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