Wednesday 23 October 2019 - 06:48

Secret Meeting Between the King of Bahrain and Netanyahu in Budapest

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Secret Meeting Between the King of Bahrain and Netanyahu in Budapest
The source confirmed that the meeting was held last April with the strange visit of Hamad bin Isa to Budapest under the guise of strengthening relations with Hungary and the meeting with President Janusz Adir.

According to the source, the meeting was held within the pre-arrangements for the launch of the first steps of the deal of the century, the "Manamaw Workshop" which was followed by two months.

The US facilitated the meeting, which was described as intimate between the King of Bahrain and Netanyahu. The secret meeting coincided with the holiday of the Prime Minister of the Israel, which he was spending with his family, but he cut off his holiday for one day, where he visited Budapest to meet Hamad bin Isa and returned the same day without any media coverage.

The King of Bahrain expressed great contentment in his meeting with the Prime Minister of Zionism, stressing that the relationship with "Israel" beyond its diplomatic framework, and that they "look forward to the alliance in various political, security and military against their common enemy Iran."

During the meeting Hamad Al-Khalifa confirmed that he represents Saudi Arabia and the UAE in their aspirations to strengthen relations, and that the security of "Israel" is the security of the Gulf, as he put it. He expressed pride in what he called the “Jewish community” in Bahrain, and his good and private relations with Jewish institutions inside and outside Bahrain.

On the level of security cooperation, the ruler of Bahrain reiterated his desire to enhance the utilization of "Israeli" expertise in the field of what he described as combating "terrorist groups."

For his part, Netanyahu praised Hamad Khalifa, and his initiatives to normalize relations with the Zionist entity. Netanyahu also admired Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for his outright aggressive policy against the common enemy, he said. Netanyahu thanked the King of Bahrain for his patronage of the Jewish community and his keenness to strengthen relations with Israel.

According to the diplomatic source, the aim of the meeting was to celebrate the Manama workshop and the gradual steps in the declaration of diplomatic relations, which are parallel to security and intelligence cooperation.

Ahmed Al Khalifa was keen to confirm his initiative by launching statements in support of the Zionist entity, while Netanyahu praised the Foreign Minister of Bahrain for more than once.

The two sides aspire to announce the opening of diplomatic relations within a year, according to a step-by-step plan within the draft deal of the century, which became clear to observers by hosting Zionist delegations in Manama, and meetings between the Foreign Minister of Bahrain Al Khalifa and the Israeli officials.