Thursday 5 December 2019 - 06:07

US Forces Move Hundreds of ISIS Families to Iraq

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US Forces Move Hundreds of ISIS Families to Iraq
According to the Syrian agency "SANA" that "the US occupation forces today transferred more than 600 children and women from the families of ISIS terrorists from the Hul camp in the countryside of Hasaka to Iraq."

On the other hand, the correspondent pointed out that "the entry of 6 Humvee military vehicles and about 30 soldiers belonging to the American occupation forces from Iraq to the province of al-Hasakah and settled in the airport."

In a related context, a convoy of military vehicles of the Turkish forces entered the junction of the village of Mreikiz of Abu Rasin district in the northern countryside of al-Hasakah from Ras al-Ain.

The correspondent announced that the convoy, which includes 3 tanks, 5 military jeeps, 4 soldiers carriers and 4 armored vehicles headed south to the villages of Daoudia, Tal Mohammed and Aneq Al-Hawa.

According to local sources, Turkish forces and their mercenaries from terrorist organizations have turned many schools, public facilities and cultural centers in the villages which they occupied, into military headquarters in parallel with continuing their practices aimed at bringing about demographic change in the region by forcibly emptying their people and bringing terrorists and their families there.