Thursday 16 January 2020 - 07:23

Iraq: Hezbollah Brigades Send Fiery Messages to America

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Iraq: Hezbollah Brigades Send Fiery Messages to America
"Many parties have gambled on splitting the ranks of the resistance, but they have failed miserably," Brigades spokesman Mohamed Mohy said in a televised statement on Wednesday.

He added that "the factions of the resistance have become one way, which is to cleanse Iraq of the desecration of foreign forces, led by the Americans."

Mohi explained that "the movement towards the mass demonstration is one of the means to resist the illegal American presence."

"If the Americans do not respect political and diplomatic options, they will face popular armed resistance," said the Hezbollah spokesman.

Last week, the Iraqi parliament voted unanimously for a law obligating the Iraqi government to remove foreign forces from the country.

Iraq will witness millions of demonstrations tomorrow, Friday, calling for the expulsion of American forces from Iraq, with the Iraqi factions vowed armed resistance in the event that the American forces did not respond to the request of the Iraqi people and leave the country.