Saturday 25 January 2020 - 13:49

Leader Warned Americans of Iraqi People's Hatred Against the US Crimes

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Leader Warned Americans of Iraqi People
On his Twitter message, the Supreme Leader said regional people hate the US.

He added that Iraqi youths are disgusted with the US.

  "Why don't Americans realize this?" he reiterated.

Earlier, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani in a message stressed that the real approach of the regional people against the US was proven in the funeral procession of the Resistance leaders, adding that such approach will not be concealed by propaganda.

Shamkhani appreciated the massive and historic turnout in Iraq against the US occupation and expressed support for Iraq's independence and national sovereignty.

He described such turnout as a sign of Iraqis' pioneering role in expelling the US from the region. 

Shamkhani also termed unfair assassination of the leaders of Resistance as a strategic mistake made by Trump and his sinister team at the White House.

Shamkhani referred to Friday demonstration in Iraq as start of a new intensive movement which will be continued by nations which have been harmed by the US aggression

Iraqi people on Friday poured into the streets of Baghdad to call for the expulsion of the US forces from Iraq.

The protesters showed their anger and hatred against occupiers by chanting the slogans of "Down with the US", "Down with Israel".