Saturday 4 July 2020 - 06:57

Hamas Urges An ‘Armed Struggle’ To Liberate ‘Israeli’-occupied West Bank

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Hamas Urges An ‘Armed Struggle’ To Liberate ‘Israeli’-occupied West Bank
Hamas co-founder and member of leadership in the Gaza Strip, Mahmoud al-Zahar, said all Palestinian groups must follow the successful model implemented in the liberation of the Gaza Strip, namely armed struggle, in order to counter Tel Aviv's expansionist policies in the West Bank.

Al-Zahar added that the Palestinian Liberation Organization [PLO] must stop implementing its Oslo Accords with the ‘Israeli’ regime, and take up arms against the occupiers.

Hamas is going to ask for the cooperation of the Palestinian Authority and the Fatah movement in order to have new principles and mechanisms devised, he said.

Based on new principles, he suggested, a plan must be developed for the real liberation of Palestine, similar to the plan that resulted in Gaza's liberation through armed resistance.