Monday 6 July 2020 - 12:54

Enemies Scared of Iran’s Increasing Power

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Enemies Scared of Iran’s Increasing Power
Aghajanpour made the remarks at a ceremony in Tehran on Sunday.

Armed Forces, in addition to increasing their arms and combat power, monitor any wicked move of enemies and defend the lofty values of Islamic Iran with full power, he stressed.

The official reiterated Iran’s recent achievements in the defense fields and added, “The Defense Ministry succeeded to increase Iran’s power and authority by making Bavar-373 air defense system, manufacturing advanced Kowsar fighter jet as well as other defense weapons in the air, land, marine and telecommunications domains.”

He went on to say that Iran, in addition to providing security for the nation, defends the oppressed nations of Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Despite all threats piled up against the country, the Islamic Republic of Iran sends fuel to other countries like Venezuela which has been under the US sanctions, Aghajanpour concluded.

In relevant remarks in June, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said that the enemies are afraid of the country's defensive and missile power and progress in this field.

"The enemy is highly afraid of Iran's defense power, independence and military might, specially in area of missile power," General Hatami said on June 20.

He added that today Iran's defense industry has reached a level of progress and self-reliance that it can produce any equipment needed for ground, air, sea, missile, electronic and radar combat, relying on indigenous know-how and technology.

General Hatami underlined the need for more national unity, resistance and solidarity among the Iranian people to stand against enemies' plots.

His remarks came as Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Air Defense Force Brigadier General Reza Shaban announced the IRGC plans to manufacture long-range high-altitude air defense systems.

"We are in possession of home-made low-altitude air defense systems and they have passed the tests very successfully, and there are now very good plans to build long-range high-altitude air defense shields and God willing, we will witness manufacturing different such systems in the near future," General Shaban told FNA on Saturday.

"Today, we have high capabilities in building radars, including Bashir, Qadir and other radars and they will enter the operational stage of the IRGC Air Defense Force gradually," he added.

"Actually, we are able to design any needed radar and we have gained self-sufficiency in this field," General Shaban said.