Monday 10 August 2020 - 11:26

Iran Slams PGCC’s Iranophobic Statement

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Iran Slams PGCC’s Iranophobic Statement
“The PGCC, affected by the destructive conduct of some of the members, has turned into the mouthpiece of anti-Iran elements,” Mousavi said, noting that the body is at the peak of its inefficiency as it has issued a statement on the “necessity” of extending arms embargo on Iran while it is quite indifferent towards killing of defenseless people in countries like Yemen by some of the members.

The spokesman said that the statement has apparently been dictated by some members of the council, while some members continue the purchase and stockpiling weapons, and are among the biggest arms buyers in the region and the world. “Undoubtedly, the interests of the US are contingent upon the sale of more weapons to these countries,” he said.

Killing defenseless people in Yemen is one of the substantive examples of the wrong policies of some of the PGCC members, as these people are being victimized every day before the eyes of the world with all kinds of Western weapons and by the leaders of the entity, Mousavi underlined.

In relevant remarks last month, Seyed Abbas Mousavi urged Secretary-General of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) Nayef Al-Hajraf to address Yemen's crisis rather than forging allegations against Iran.

"Instead of making baseless accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran, we advise the new secretary-general to focus on the necessity of halting the aggressors’ attacks on Yemeni women and children and resolving the crisis through Yemeni-Yemeni talks," Mousavi said.

"In spite of the request of Arab nations and regional Islamic countries, some of the PGCC members have kept silent via-a-vis the US’ and the Zionist regime’s threats as well as bombardment of Yemeni people and blockade of the country, which has stopped imports of fuel, foodstuff, and medicine for combating coronavirus," he noted.

Mousavi further said that the Saudis’ stance toward the former fugitive president Mansour Hadi's and the UN Secretary General's move to stop the war in Yemen proves Riyadh’s hypocritical nature.