Wednesday 23 September 2020 - 09:43

Ex-‘Israeli’ Military Officials’ Pre-normalization Gulf Entanglement

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Ex-‘Israeli’ Military Officials’ Pre-normalization Gulf Entanglement
However, hours after the announcement came out last month regarding the so-called “Abraham Accords,” as the agreement with the UAE was dubbed, accounts began emerging of ‘Israeli’ tech and cyber companies who had already signed contracts with the Muslim state years ago, under strict confidentiality.

Relatively, former senior officials from the ‘Israeli’ military sector attested that the Zionist government and the military establishment either didn’t know about, or chose to ignore, the fact that for many years, that ‘Israeli’ companies had been doing business with Gulf states with whom ‘Israel’ does not have diplomatic ties, and likely won’t have any in the future due to their alliances with enemy states like Iran, or an ideological affinity to it as it relates to the ‘Israeli’ occupation of Palestine.

Newly emerging details showed that a legal dispute that erupted between three companies in July exposed the involvement of ‘Israelis’— all former senior officials in the Zionist entity’s military establishment— in providing physical and cyber protection for a major civilian infrastructure project with a Gulf state with whom the occupation entity does not have diplomatic relations.

The details of the affair were initially placed under an extensive gag order by the Tel Aviv District Court at the request of the involved companies. Following a petition by Calcalist, Judge Hanna Plinner recently reduced the scope of the gag order so that only the name of the county and the project itself remain un-disclosable.

The documents that were approved for publication exposed serious allegations regarding an attempt to export proprietary offensive cyber capabilities without receiving the required permit from the War Ministry.

Though the claims were later denied by the parties, they reflect the dangerous side of the “business paradise” in the Gulf, which may be used as a honey trap for the extraction of highly sensitive security capabilities from the Zionist regime.

The ordeal began two years earlier, when three companies founded by retired senior officials from the ‘Israel’ Occupation Forces [IOF], the Mossad, and the ‘Israel’ Security Agency [Shin Bet] signed contracts worth millions of Euros to function as the “Red Team” —reviewing and testing the military measures — in the large civilian infrastructure project being carried out by the Gulf state.

The first company is Sdema Group Ltd., which was founded by former senior Shin Bet officials Dror Mor, Shlomo Harnoy, and Dan Vesely, all of whom have ties with various Zionist prime ministers. Sdema offers consultancy services in the field of physical security [testing the protections of facilities under threat of terror attacks such as car bombings, shooting attacks, terrorist infiltrations, and more] as well as in the field of cyber protection—identifying network and server vulnerabilities to prevent cyberattacks that could steal data or shut down the target’s network. Sdema was brought on as a service provider for the Gulf state.

Another company, The Novard Group, was brought in as an intermediate connecting the contractor, Sdema. Novard was founded about two years ago by Maj. Gen. [Ret.] Yoav “Poli” Mordechai, who in the past served as the IOF spokesman and Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories [COGAT] and former senior Mossad official Shaun Bouter. The two decided to leverage the contacts and experiences they accumulated during their time in service to offer consultancy and business development services and to “bridge the gap between global businesses and the Middle East,” as their website claims.

A third company was needed to operate as Novard’s “front,” a foreign-owned company that could sign for the work that Sdema carried out in practice. The company recruited to the role was Legacy Technologies, a German company owned in part by Zionist settlers Gil Birger and Pini Meidan Shani. Birger served in the past as Economic & Trade Officer for the Zionist entity’s Embassy in Washington, DC, while Meidan Shani is a former Mossad official who served as Foreign Policy Advisor to then Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

Two different contracts were signed in regards to the Gulf state’s civilian infrastructure project. The first, in 2018, during the security preparation stage, between Legacy and the government, and the second in August 2019, between Legacy and Sdema. According to the lawsuit, “Sdema accepted the offer after receiving the required permits.