Wednesday 30 September 2020 - 11:16

Knesset Passes Law Limiting ‘Israeli’ Protests under Lockdown

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Knesset Passes Law Limiting ‘Israeli’ Protests under Lockdown
The legislation comes after a compromise was struck between Likud and Kahol Lavan parties regarding the stringency of the new measures, with Netanyahu watering down his initial proposal from Friday in exchange for limiting protests.

Along with the law, a "special state of emergency" was declared, which the ministerial cabinet will need to ratify three times each week.

The declaration and its extension will be brought to the constitution committee, which will be able to overturn the state of emergency retroactively.

A special state of emergency does not allow the ‘Israeli’ government to completely ban prayer, protests or religious ceremonies, but will be able to limit the number of participants in such gatherings.

It will also allow the government to limit protesters from demonstrating beyond the designated radius from their residences, at the moment set to one kilometer.

On Tuesday night, the Zionist occupation military also decided not to place more soldiers at police checkpoints in order to help enforce the lockdown in occupied al-Quds.