Thursday 22 October 2020 - 02:23

We Decided to Face Provocations in Eastern Mediterranean: Al-Sisi

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We Decided to Face Provocations in Eastern Mediterranean: Al-Sisi
“We have decided to face the provocative actions and violations in the eastern Mediterranean,” he said.

He also implicitly accused Turkey of practicing violations and transferring mercenaries to conflict areas and blackmailing Europe on the immigrant issue, adding, “We signed the founding charter of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum.”

Regarding the Syrian crisis, he said: “We reject any foreign presence on Syrian soil.”

For his part, the Cypriot President stressed that Turkey is increasing tensions, undermining regional stability, interfering in Syria and sending mercenaries to Libya and the Karabakh region.

“We have emphasized the need to take strong measures against all who support armed and terrorist groups in the region,” said Nikos Anastasiades, noting that the trilateral relations are not directed against one country, but towards peace and stability in the east Aiming at the Mediterranean.

 He also urged Turkey to respect international law and not violate Cyprus’ sovereignty.“We have talked about supporting and strengthening trilateral cooperation in various fields, particularly in the energy sector, and we welcome the establishment of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum,” he stressed the need to stop the flow of illegal immigration across the Mediterranean.
The Cypriot president described Turkey’s exploration operations in Greek waters in the eastern Mediterranean as “illegal”.