Saturday 9 January 2021 - 07:14

Damascus Reveals Complete Coordination Between ‘Israeli’ and Takfiri Terrorism

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Damascus Reveals Complete Coordination Between ‘Israeli’ and Takfiri Terrorism
“The ‘Israeli’ enemy authorities perpetrated a new air aggression on Syrian lands at 23:10 on Wednesday, Jan.6, in a flagrant violation of Security council resolution No. 350 for 1974 regarding the Disengagement Forces treaty,” the Ministry said in a letter sent to the United Nations Secretary General and President of the Security Council.

The ministry added that those continued systematized attacks, which have been, more than any other time, posing threat to the stability in the region, are rejected and they will never intimidate the Syrian people, but increase their determination to restore the occupied Syrian Golan until the line of June 4th, 1967.

“The Syrian Arab Republic calls upon the Security Council to assume its responsibilities in the framework of the UN charter, most importantly, preserving the international peace and security and take decisive and swift measures to prevent the repetition of the ‘Israeli’ terrorist attacks which form flagrant violation of UNSC resolutions no. 242,338,350 and 497,” the ministry concluded.