Friday 15 January 2021 - 11:26

Axis of Evil: “Israel” Pushes Biden to take it Easy on Saudi Arabia, UAE

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Axis of Evil: “Israel” Pushes Biden to take it Easy on Saudi Arabia, UAE
This comes as US President-elect Biden has promised to put human rights and democracy at the forefront of US foreign policy, and he skipped over all three when placing phone calls to the leaders of 17 countries after his election victory.

He was particularly critical of Saudi Arabia during the campaign over the aggression on Yemen and human rights issues.

According to Barack, "Israel" sees its security and intelligence relationships with the three countries as central to its strategy to counter Iran and an important pillar in regional security.

Now, "Israel" fears that Biden will not only seek a deal with Iran, but also cool relations with America's Arab partners.

Behind the scenes, the "Israeli" war officials told David that they plan to make the case to the Biden administration that the region has changed over the last four years, with a new regional alignment forming as "Israel" strengthens its ties with Arab countries.

“We were very close to losing Egypt several years ago and our message to the Biden administration will be: 'Take it slow, dramatic changes took place, don’t come with predispositions and don’t harm relations with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE,'" a senior "Israeli" official told the journalist.