Friday 22 January 2021 - 23:17

Yemeni FM: Ansarullah Can Change ’Whole Scenario’

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Yemeni FM: Ansarullah Can Change ’Whole Scenario’
“I think the Trump administration’s decision was something paid for. You would see in the near future. It is something paid for [in order] to say certain things or take some actions,” Abdullah told Press TV news network on Thursday, reiterating that the Sanaa government does not value the US move to blacklist Ansarullah — which went into effect on January 19.

He underlined that Washington is not entitled to blacklist someone or a group, advising new US leaders to be concerned with their own domestic affairs than to meddle in other countries’ issues.

“The US is not an international organization or an institution, which has the right to either designate someone as terrorist or not. The US should always be concerned with its affairs, and should not try to be the guardian of the world,” the Yemeni minister said.

Abdullah then called on US President Joe Biden to reverse the decisions of his predecessor and to put an end to the ongoing Saudi war on Yemen.

“If Biden displays courage, something which I think it has, they should declare that the war is over and stop their support for Saudis, Emiratis and any other party involved. The war will consequently stop, and Mr. Biden would probably win the Nobel Peace Prize that Trump had long yearned for,” the top Yemeni diplomat pointed out.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Abdullah said the Sanaa government is prepared for any possible scenario in case the Yemen peace process does not come into fruition.

“If the peace process fails, we are ready for all circumstances. Our choices are wide open. We can exert our effect and do whatever we want. We are so strong to the point that we can change the whole scenario. Nevertheless, we will not do such a thing for the sake of Yemeni people,” he highlighted.
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