Monday 1 March 2021 - 11:52

Iran Dismisses Accusation of Role in ‘Israeli-owned Ship Blast

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Iran Dismisses Accusation of Role in ‘Israeli-owned Ship Blast
Speaking at a weekly press conference on Monday, Saeed Khatibzadeh categorically rejected the accusations made by the Zionist regime that Iran has been connected to explosions on board MV Helios Ray cargo ship.

The fact that the source of such an allegation is the Zionist regime reveals how baseless the accusation is, he stated.

Iran is closely monitoring the ‘Israeli’ activities in the surrounding areas, the spokesman added, then warned that the Islamic Republic would deal with the case if it became the basis for creating new tensions.

“The regime that has occupied al-Quds is the root cause of all insecurities and instabilities,” Khatibzadeh stressed.

Describing the Gulf and the Sea of Oman as Iran’s indispensable security spheres where Tehran will not allow terrorization, he said Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suffers from a phobic disorder in regard to Iran and wrongly believes that pinning the blame on others would help him settle the ‘Israeli’ entity’s internal problems.

“‘Israel’ is aware that Iran’s response is accurate and technical when it comes to national security,” he stated.

In comments on Monday, Netanyahu accused Iran of attacking MV Helios Ray, a Bahamian-flagged cargo ship that was sailing out of the Middle East on its way to Singapore.

The crew was unharmed after the blast on Friday, but the vessel sustained damages. The ship went to Dubai’s port for repairs on Sunday.