Thursday 4 March 2021 - 09:59

Iran: Saudi, UAE, Bahrain ’Unlikely Foolish Enough’ For Pact With ‘Israel’

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Iran: Saudi, UAE, Bahrain ’Unlikely Foolish Enough’ For Pact With ‘Israel’
Wahidi’s statement came in response to an inquiry about an earlier report published by ‘Israeli’ i24NEWS on secret talks between the four sides on the matter, with the ex-minister being the first Iranian official to comment on it.

In his remarks, Wahidi declared that the Zionist entity was facing multiple crises, including a political one, which forced it to hold four elections in two years.

This vulnerability, he underscored, was what prompted the Zionist regime to seek a military agreement with the Gulf neighbors, who "do not have the capabilities and capacity to confront Iran."

Wahidi threatened that strong blows will follow if the Gulf states decided to team up with the ‘Israeli’ occupation entity in confronting Iran, accusing them of betraying the Palestinian cause.

Previously, i24NEWS cited sources as saying that the four sides were mulling a military pact in the face of the "growing Iranian threat" in the region. relatively, Zionist war minister Benny Gantz played down the notion, although did not outright deny that preliminary talks had taken place.