Tuesday 6 April 2021 - 09:29

Netanyahu: This Is What an Attempted Coup Looks Like

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Netanyahu: This Is What an Attempted Coup Looks Like
“The prosecution is on a witch-hunt. They were looking for me. Whitewashed investigations, conducted illegal searches and erased recordings. And the worst of all: It blackmailed witnesses with severe threats to the point of breaking up families,” Netanyahu said at a press conference. ”This is what an attempted coup looks like.”

He further stated: “When the police commissioner blamed me for sending private investigators against him, when a witch-hunt of this magnitude is conducted against me and my family, it is very difficult.”

“This is not something that is supposed to take place in a democracy,” the “Israeli” premier continued. “I cannot hold myself back on this, therefore I am saying these things here and in great pain.”

Earlier on Monday, the evidentiary stage of Netanyahu’s graft trial began at the court, where the lead prosecutor, Liat Ben-Ari, told the judges that the incumbent prime minister was involved in “a serious case of government corruption.”

The “Israeli” premier is accused of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in three cases. 

Netanyahu denies all wrongdoing and claims that the media, police, and prosecution are working together to oust him from power.