Friday 16 April 2021 - 09:24

Palestinians Mark Catastrophe’s 73rd Anniversary, Reaffirm Right to Return

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Palestinians Mark Catastrophe’s 73rd Anniversary, Reaffirm Right to Return
On Thursday, Palestinians, whose families were uprooted in the 1948 ‘Israeli’ War, visited several destroyed towns and villages that once accommodated their ancestors, reiterating their right to return as they have done for decades.

Even though the Association for the Defense of the Rights of the Displaced [ADRID], the organizer of the annual March of Return, had called upon people to participate in online demonstrations and activities due to the coronavirus pandemic, many in-person demonstrations went ahead regardless.

The ADRID called on Palestinians inside the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories to display the name of their families' destroyed villages and raise Palestinian flags on rooftops, terraces and balconies.

“Let everyone know that there is no substitute for the legitimate, human and legal right of return, which was guaranteed by the international legal bodies, especially the Resolution 194 issued by the United Nations, and to prove to the whole world that the Palestinian people refuse to forget and give up the right of return,” it pointed out in a statement.

Palestinians walked to the depopulated Palestinian Arab village of al-Damun, located 11.5 kilometers from the city of Acre, raising Palestinian flags and giving speeches.

Similar rallies were also held in the former Palestinian Arab villages of Umm az-Zinat, Saffuriya, al-Bassa, Lajjun and Malul.

Palestinians inside the occupied territories raised placards bearing the slogan “Their Independence Day is our Nakba day,” and performed several cultural activities.