Monday 31 May 2021 - 22:09

Lavrov: Russia Won’t Leave New EU Unfriendly Steps without Response

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Lavrov: Russia Won’t Leave New EU Unfriendly Steps without Response
Speaking at a conference on Russian-EU relations, the diplomat emphasized that many politicians in Europe actually understand that the confrontation policy is counterproductive.

"We hope that common sense will eventually prevail and we will be able to start mapping a new balanced model of relations that would be based on the international law principles ... Russia remains ready for equitable and fair cooperation. But this does not mean that we will leave without a reaction the new unfriendly steps, attempts to talk to us from the position of strength, and meddling in our domestic affairs.

Such steps are under preparation, they do not hide it. A response will definitely follow," Lavrov said.

Previously, the top diplomat said that Brussels keeps strengthening its policy of containing Moscow and warned that Moscow will keep reacting to all unfriendly moves in a harsh yet proportionate manner.

He further noted that his country remains interested in cooperating with the EU and its member states "in the spirit of pragmatism and mutual respect, in compliance with the generally recognized norms of international law."

Relations between Russia and Western states started to gradually deteriorate following the 2014 US-sponsored coup in Ukraine.