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Islamic Jihad Urges Unity to Confront Israeli 'Checkpoints of Death'

13 Jun 2021 10:06

Islam Times - The Islamic Jihad Movement has warned Tel Aviv against fanning the flames of tensions after Israeli troops martyred a young Palestinian woman at a checkpoint outside the occupied East al-Quds on Saturday.

“This crime underscores the need for unity among all strata of the Palestinian nation and its forces to confront the Zionist enemy, which shows no mercy to men, women and the elderly,” it said in a statement on Saturday evening.

“It obliges all Palestinians to engage with occupiers by any means, especially in the checkpoints of death, which have mushroomed across the West Bank and al-Quds,” the statement added.

The movement said, “The occupying Zionist forces continue to commit the most heinous crimes against our people in the West Bank and the occupied al-Quds, ignore the rights of Palestinian people, and execute young people, women, children and the elderly in cold blood.”

Silence on the recent crime is “a disgrace to institutions, countries and organizations that claim to be advocates of human rights, freedom and justice. This silence is a cover-up for terrorism and emboldens the occupying regime to kill Palestinians,” it said.

“The blood of these martyrs will fan the flames of tensions, and will make us more determined to continue the path of resistance until our lands are fully liberated,” the statement said.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said the new bloodshed is part of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's desperate efforts to stay in office.

“Netanyahu and his extremist political, military and security team will, until the last moment in office, intensify their brutal aggression against Palestinian people, their lands, assets and sacred sites,” the ministry said in a statement.

Netanyahu, it said, seeks to thwart his political opponents' efforts to form an alternative regime by escalating aggression in the occupied West Bank, including East al-Quds.

“This bloody scene that Netanyahu is orchestrating is costing the lives, properties and sanctities of our people and their children,” the ministry said. 

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