Thursday 17 June 2021 - 11:00

Sayyed Safieddine: Lebanon’s Collapse Result of State’s Disintegration

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Sayyed Safieddine: Lebanon’s Collapse Result of State’s Disintegration
During a meeting with scholars in the Beirut region, Sayyed Safieddine cautioned of underestimating the idea of the state’s collapse and its institutions.

He further predicted that “Lebanon would then face total collapse.”

"The history of Lebanon and its nature and composition say that if Lebanon reached the complete collapse of the state's structure and institutions, reconstructing it and reuniting would require great efforts,” he added.

Moreover, His Eminence stressed that “The most important of these efforts that were historically relevant to bring together Lebanon are external factors, and external factors today do not exist.”

The head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council said that some people are under the illusion that the countries of the world are preoccupied with Lebanon, but what concerns them in Lebanon is one thing –  their fear for the Zionist entity. 

In parallel, he explained that if it weren’t for “Israel,” these regional, European, and global countries would have drowned Lebanon.

Sayyed Safieddine noted that in order to avoid such a scenario, there needs to be serious, honest, and real efforts to remedy the situation as much as possible because if the entire country collapses, the loss will affect everyone.
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