Thursday 17 June 2021 - 22:23

Syrian-Iraqi Talks to Boost Industrial and Trade Cooperation

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Syrian-Iraqi Talks to Boost Industrial and Trade Cooperation
Participants in the meeting that was held at Damascus Chamber of Industry discussed the next strategic steps to build real partnerships that serve the industrial sector between the two countries, in addition to issues of trade exchange and sharing the industrial expertise.

Members of Iraqi delegation proposed investment opportunities at the Iraqi industrial sector in light of the presence of about 40,000 suspended or partially destroyed industrial facilities in need of rehabilitation and re-operation with the availability of labor and raw materials, in addition to thousands of opportunities to establish new factories in partnership with the public and private sectors.

Minister of Industry Sabbagh said in a press statement that today’s meeting was held to discuss prospects for joint cooperation between two countries and to develop the industrial sector in the interest of Syria and Iraq.

In a similar statement, the Iraqi Minister pointed out to the efforts exerted by the two countries to reach an agreement in the trade and industrial sectors.