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“Israel” Targets “Military Positions” near Homs, Fires Flash Bombs near Lebanese Border

22 Jul 2021 08:29

Islam Times - The “Israeli” regime stages an aerial strike against the military positions lying in the countryside of Syria’s western city of Homs, prompting Syria to bring down most of the incoming missiles.

The official Syrian Arab News Agency [SANA] said the attack targeted the positions in the early hours of Thursday.

The Syrian defenses intercepted most of the missiles before they reached their desired targets, it added.
Further details concerning the circumstances that surrounded the attack are yet to be made available by Syria’s official sources.
This is the third time in a row that the occupying regime tries to strike targets within the Arab country in the space of just one week.
On Tuesday, Syria’s air defenses shot down seven out of eight missiles that had been launched by Israeli warplanes during an aggression targeting the northwestern Syrian province of Aleppo.
And a day earlier, the Syrian military similarly intercepted several missiles that had been fired during Israeli airstrikes against the same province.
Relatedly, “Israel” fired flash bombs over the settlements of Zareet, Al-Manara and Al-Areda, near the Lebanese border.

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