Wednesday 4 August 2021 - 01:43

Russia Expels Estonian Diplomat amid Spying Dispute

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Russia Expels Estonian Diplomat amid Spying Dispute
Estonian Ambassador to Moscow Margus Laidre was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry Tuesday, where he was informed about the expulsion of an Estonian diplomat within seven days, the Ministry announced on its website.

On July 15, the Estonian Foreign Ministry expelled a Russian diplomat as a response to the expulsion of the Estonian consul in St. Petersburg Mart Latte, who was previously apprehended by the Federal Security Service while receiving classified materials. The intelligence service underscored that "such activity is incompatible with the diplomatic status and is openly hostile towards the Russian Federation.".

Estonia's action in expelling the Russian diplomat comes as accusations against Russia have intensified in the West.

Relations between the West and Moscow have been strained since 2014 due to the expansion of NATO military influence, especially that of the United States near Russia and Eastern Europe, the Ukraine crisis, the Baltic Sea and the situation in Syria.