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Russia Wonders If US Knew About ISIS Facility Locations After Biden Remark

27 Aug 2021 13:28

Islam Times - Spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova raised the question whether the US is aware about the location of leadership and facilities of ISIS.

Zakharova took to her Telegram channel to comment on the remarks made by US President Joe Biden who stressed that he had given orders to prepare strikes on ISIS "assets, leadership and terrorists" following the deadly attacks near the Kabul airport that particularly killed 13 US military personnel, TASS reported.

"So, the US knew where the ISIS leadership and facilities were?!" she wrote.

On Thursday, two suicide bombers attacked crowds of people gathered near the Kabul airport. Earlier, reports emerged about 90 deaths, including 13 US military personnel.

The Taliban has resolutely condemned the tragedy and vowed to hold those behind it responsible.

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