Wednesday 24 November 2021 - 21:54

Hezbollah Denounces Australia’s Decision to ’Blacklist’ It

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Hezbollah Denounces Australia’s Decision to ’Blacklist’ It
In a statement on Wednesday, Hezbollah Media Relations issued the following statement:

Hezbollah described the move as servile submission to the American and Zionist dictates and blind servitude to the “Israeli” interests and that its policy based on terrorism, murder, and massacres.
The statement added that the decision and similar decisions made by some Western countries that are biased against the people of this region, their just issues, and their right to liberation and independence will not affect the morale of our loyal people in Lebanon nor that of the free and honorable people in the whole world.

Moreover, it won’t affect the position of Hezbollah and its natural right to resistance and defense of its country and people and to support the resistance movements against the occupation and Zionist aggression.