Tuesday 18 January 2022 - 03:50

Kremlin on US Threats of 'Sharp Pain' over Ukraine: Russia Also Considering Various Scenarios

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Kremlin on US Threats of
"Of course, in the context of the current situation, Russia is thinking about how to ensure its own security. We know that Mrs. Nuland has 18 scenarios. We are considering different scenarios; we believe that there should be far fewer of them because the formulation of the question is extremely correct for us, there is no need to make it complicated, because it is not so complicated. The question is extremely direct and extremely specific," Peskov said in a briefing Monday, Sputnik reported.

Undersecretary of state Nuland told the Financial Times Saturday that Washington had concocted well over a dozen possible options to respond to a 'Russian invasion' of Ukraine.

The high-ranking diplomat did not elaborate on exactly what these options were, saying only that the conversation with allies has been about "inflicting very sharp pain very fast" against Moscow.

Tensions between Russia and NATO escalated steadily in the wake of the Ukraine crisis in 2014, during which Western-backed forces overthrew the elected government in Kiev, prompting Crimea to break off and rejoin Russia, and sparking a civil conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

In the spring of 2021 and then again in the fall and winter of that same year, Western officials and media accused Russia of engaging in a military buildup on Ukraine's borders in possible preparations for an incursion.

Moscow has dismissed all claims to that effect, accusing the West of artificially pumping up tensions, while also intimating that it would not stand by if Kiev tried to resolve the frozen civil conflict in Ukraine's east by force.