Friday 21 January 2022 - 13:08

“Israel” Is Worried After the Abu Dhabi Strike: Our Facilities Are in the Crosshairs of the Yemeni Forces

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“Israel” Is Worried After the Abu Dhabi Strike: Our Facilities Are in the Crosshairs of the Yemeni Forces
According to the “Israeli” website Calcalist, the attack is a good opportunity for the Zionist entity to continue deepening its security and technological relationship with the Gulf state, and if successful, it may have a positive impact on trade relations between the two sides.

The website notes that recent years witnessed an uptick in the use of drones by a number of organizations in the region. These drones have proven effective in exploiting the weaknesses of different countries.

The site revealed that “Israel” is looking for inexpensive aerial vehicles that fly at low altitudes, and therefore pose a challenge to air defense systems, most of which are designed to intercept large aircraft or ballistic missiles.

The website concludes that the only party in the region that has a proven technological ability to deal with the threat from these aircraft is "Israel”. The site points to “Israel’s” success of intercepting drones in recent years, such as drones on the northern and southern borders of the occupied Palestinian territories, as evidence.

The portal further claims that the main motive for the UAE's signing of the Abraham Agreement stems from security considerations, and it seems that the time has come for the Emiratis to ask Tel Aviv to take advantage of the advanced “Israeli” systems, and the matter is related to a sensitive issue that this entity must respond to.

"In addition to the possibility of establishing a strong alliance with the UAE in the wake of the attack, the attack could also be a warning signal for ‘Israel’. The drones used by the Yemeni armed forces traveled a distance of no less than 1,500 km, and the hit shows a great and daring operational ability," the site adds.

Calcalist underscored the threat facing the Zionist entity. Given that the distance between “Israel” and certain areas in Yemen is shorter than to Abu Dhabi, this means that “Israel's” strategic facilities are within the range of Yemeni and even Iranian suicide bombers.