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United Nations: $ 39 Million Needed to Help Syrian Refugees

25 Jan 2022 22:04

Islam Times - A senior UN humanitarian official says $ 39 million is needed to help the 250,000 Syrian refugee refugees living in refugee camps in the northwest.

The Syrian government and people have stood up to ISIS and other terrorist groups for more than 10 years, and now it has reached relative stability and its relations with the countries of the region are increasing, and the United Nations and other regional actors and the international community are needed to pay attention to these conditions of the Syrian government and people, and intensify the current efforts to lift the sanctions, provide assistance to the people, return the refugees and start rebuilding the country.

Heavy snow, rain and ice have severely affected the 250,000 Syrians living in refugee camps in northwestern Syria, said Mark Katz, the UN's deputy regional humanitarian coordinator for the Syrian crisis.

Mark Katz, who is in charge of handling foreign aid to Syria through the Turkish border, added that Syrians are facing a real catastrophe in the region.

Despite the ceasefire, there have been almost daily bombings as well as numerous airstrikes in northwestern Syria over the past year.

"About a thousand tents have either completely collapsed or been severely damaged due to heavy snow, minus zero temperature, as well as heavy rainfall in some areas," Katz said, describing the plight of Syrian refugees in the camps.

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