Tuesday 17 May 2022 - 09:16

Taliban Says Not Considers US as Enemy

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Taliban Says Not Considers US as Enemy
The CNN interviewer asked if Afghanistan still considers the US as an enemy as it has been painted on the walls of Kabul and other Afghan cities that Afghans have defeated the US and its allied forces, according to The News.

Haqqani said that the Taliban are committed to the Doha agreement and once it was signed and a truce came into force, questions of enemy, defeat, war and other such things ceased to exist. 

"We, as a nation, consider ourselves a part of the international community and want cordial relations with all the countries, including the US."

Turning to the matter of the girls' education in Afghanistan, Haqqani said, "Work is underway on the mechanism for reopening girls 'schools in Afghanistan, and we must create the conditions in which we can ensure the dignity and security of girls."

He further stressed that no one is against the education of girls and the people of Afghanistan will soon hear good news about the issue.