Islam Times 21 Dec 2021 222021000000Tue, 21 Dec 2021 22:25:14 +0330 22:25 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Afghans Hold Anti-US Rally in Kabul -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Afghan people held a rally in Kabul to condemn the US government's move to freeze Afghanistan's frozen assets. Text : Afghan demonstrators on Tuesday called on the US government to release Afghanistan s frozen assets because it violates human rights. Citizens of Afghanistan also called the US government colonist and oppressive, holding placards in Pashto and English. Afghanistan s economic situation is in crisis because the US and some European countries blocked its assets and the consequences of the 20-year occupation. The value of the Afghani currency is depreciating sharply against the US Dollar these days; releasing Afghan financial resources and continuing international humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan are essential to improving the country s economic situation.