Islam Times 19 Jan 2021 092021000000Tue, 19 Jan 2021 09:21:46 -0500 9:21 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Extremely Apartheid: ’Israel’ Restricts Group for Calling it ‘Apartheid’ -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - "Israel" has barred rights groups from entering schools, fearing their influence on its education system, days after B’Tselem described Tel Aviv as an "apartheid" regime. Text : So-called "Israeli" education minister Yoav Gallant issued the directive on Sunday after the "Israeli" advocacy group B Tselem used the designation against the Zionist entity for the first time in its 31-year history. Apartheid points to the extreme racist practices that used to be carried out against black people by South Africa s former ruling system. B Tselem said as an apartheid entity, "Israel" systematically oppresses the Palestinians via military occupation and racist measures. The regime, it said, subjects Palestinians - whether throughout the occupied territories or the "Israeli"-blockaded Gaza Strip - to laws, practices, and organized violence to cement the supremacy of one group over another. An "Israeli" rights group says the entity is not a democracy but an apartheid regime that systematically oppresses Palestinians via military occupation and racist laws. Gallant said the rights groups have to be blocked out of schools as they act in contradiction with the education system s goals. He listed some of what he called undesirable activities by the groups, including calling Israel false derogatory names, discouraging meaningful service in the "Israeli" military, and opposing "Israel" as a Jewish, Zionist, and democratic entity.