Islam Times 30 Nov 2021 112021000000Tue, 30 Nov 2021 11:03:14 +0330 11:03 -------------------------------------------------- Title : ‘Israel’ Worried Hezbollah Could Deliver Weapons to Palestinians in the Occupied Territories -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - ‘Israel’ is worried that Hezbollah might be able to deliver weapons into the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories via the Lebanese border, in order to arm Palestinians from the 1948 lands with “high quality” weapons they can use in case of a future ‘Israeli’ war against them, a report from ‘Israeli’ Channel 12 claimed. Text : The Zionist regime’s police alleged in comments to Channel 12 that they’ve intercepted and seized 140 handguns and 20 assault rifles at the Lebanese border since the beginning of 2021, but they believe countless more weapons have successfully been delivered by Hezbollah to the depth of the occupied territories. Sources further called the purported smuggled weapons a “strategic threat” to the Zionist entity.