Islam Times 3 Dec 2020 032020000000Thu, 03 Dec 2020 03:25:22 -0500 3:25 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Sheikh Qassem: The Country Is Heading Toward The Abyss If The Government Is Not Formed Quickly -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Hezbollah's Deputy Secretary General, His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem, said that factors which “help form the government and bring it to light are now known.” Text : Hoping that time will put pressure and change positions will not help, he warned. Whatever we arrive at in the future when the government is formed can be accomplished today. "It is not possible to rely on the US position to facilitate and improve conditions or for the Americans not obstruct the process. There is no difference between the period before President-elect Joe Biden and what comes after his election, as indications show that the country is heading toward the abyss if the government is not formed quickly," Sheikh Qassem added. "Each day that passes is a loss for Lebanon. It is better for direct dialogue to take place and trim the edges to restore confidence among political forces," Sheikh Qassem said. "If those concerned agree on any government, the world will deal with it, and so will America." His Eminence believes that "any step forward, even if surrounded by threats, is better and more successful than not forming a government. Threats can be eliminated through cooperation between the Lebanese, while hunger and collapse are already there and are only increasing with time." Sheikh Qassem concluded by saying that "a little courage and work in the interest of the homeland fulfills the governmental challenge."