Islam Times 9 Apr 2021 112021000000Fri, 09 Apr 2021 11:23:11 -0400 11:23 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Syria Urges UNSC to Take Action against Israeli Attacks on Its Soil -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Syria has called on the United Nations Security Council to take decisive and urgent action to deter any Israeli attacks on the Syrian territory. Text : Emphasizing the importance of holding the Zionist occupation forces responsible for their extremism and crimes against Syrian and Palestinian people, the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry also wanted an end to Israel s continued support for terrorist organizations operating in the Arab country. On Thursday morning, Israeli occupation authorities launched a new aggression on Syrian Arab Republic territory by firing missiles over Lebanese territory at Damascus, in flagrant violation of the United Nations Charter, international law principles, and Security Council relevant resolutions, all of which affirm respect for Syrian Arab Republic sovereignty, the Syrian ministry said in a statement. The Syrian Arab Republic also emphasizes that Israel s reckless and irresponsible actions would never have been possible without the US administration s continued and unwavering support, as well as that of other Security Council members, the statement added. The Syrian Arab Republic continues to depend on international legitimacy and the United Nations Security Council, urging it to fulfill its obligations under the UN Charter and take decisive and immediate action to prevent future Israeli attacks, as well as holding "Israel" accountable for its crimes and terrorism against Syrian and Palestinian citizens and oblige it to respect the Disengagement Forces Treaty between Syria and the Israeli regime.