Islam Times 20 Feb 2017 072017000000Mon, 20 Feb 2017 07:31:20 +0330 7:31 -------------------------------------------------- Title : World Population War: Focus on Global Demographic Double Standards -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Double standards, multi-faced positions, dividing terrorists into good and bad ones, Western and Eastern human rights, and positive and negative democracy are issues with which everybody is familiar. Text : At the time being, the overbearing powers, topped by the United States, are the key suspects of adopting double standards. Such an inhuman and scandalous approach has shown itself in a variety of different cases. Supporting the dictatorship of Al Saud while claiming to defend democracy and also declining to recognize the democratically-elected government of Hamas in Gaza are examples of this equivocal policy.   Creating and backing terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda while being boastful of global counterterrorism policy and also offering an unconditional support for Israeli regime’s state terrorism are other samples of double standards in the West.   The quality and quantity of the population of countries in the past few decades were the subjects that fell victims to mismanagement of the overbearing Western powers very artistically. The West implemented equivocal and purposeful patterns so that on the one hand reduce and manipulate population of a majority of the global countries, particularly the Muslim nations like Iran, and on the other hand increase and amend the age pyramids of the population of the Western powers that constitute the global power structures.   Exploiting the generally-accepted humanitarian concepts, the international organizations and institutions, and the ostensibly scientific institutions are among the Western strategies to obtain the goal of a discriminatory management of the world’s population.   Many of the Western countries in the 1960s and 70s raised concerns about the risky changes of the age pyramids in their societies. They then rolled out comprehensive strategies in a bid to change the fertility behaviors of the families and protect their societies' social structures. As we move ahead we shed light on examples of these population policies. While incentivizing a growth in their populations, the world powers used their influence in the international organizations and got help from rating agencies to pursue a policy of reduction of the Eastern– and particularly Muslim– countries' populations. The Islamic Republic of Iran has been one of the victims of West's depopulation policy.   When Iran approved the Comprehensive Family Law in 1994, its the planners and enforcers received amazing welcome and encouragement from the international institutions, and the university professors and government officials who designed the depopulation plans were rewarded by international organizations. But when in 2015– the time that the West had already set in motion its population and family-protecting policies– the Islamic Republic reviewed its population policies in a bid to end the restrictions ahead of population growth, the international organizations and other countries criticized the move and alarmed Tehran about the population growth. At the same time, some domestic voices, ignoring the incentives and family-protecting laws of the Western countries, warned that the population growth incentives at home were unscientific and even risky.   To better understand west's demographic double standards let us take a look at some data.   Parental leave in Norway has been risen from 47 weeks to 49 weeks at 100 percent of the pay and from 57 weeks to 59 weeks at 80 percent of the pay.   In many countries like Germany, Poland, Italy, and the US governments do not support access to wares of birth protection as for years their certain policies have been supporting births for population increase.   In countries such as France, Germany, and many other pro-population growth nations the childbirths are natural and the elective cesarean operation is restricted by law.   Population-restricting factors are banned in Israeli regime and Tel Aviv upholds a five-child family policy.   Fertility rates of countries such as France, Britain, and the US– which persuade others to restrict population– are higher than those of Iran, and a sharp drop in birth rates of Iran in 1980s and 90s coincided with soaring birth rates in these nations.   Germany every year allocates over $270 billion in subsidies to pro-childbirth policies.   France pays €1000 ($ 1061) in incentives to any families that give birth to a third child. Additionally, all of the French families that have below 3-years-old children receive from the government a monthly subsidy of €182.43 ($ 193.267) for each child.   The Russian government gives 450 Russian Rubles ($15000) which equals salary of two years of a state employee in the country to the families that have their second child. If they have their third one, the government rewards them with 600 to 1000 square meters of building land. A monthly $300 for the first three years of the child is another Russian government’s stimulus for the families.   In Britain the government offers weekly salary for families with children. It pays £3.30 ($ 3.97) for the first child and pays £4.13 ($5.12) for each additional child.   Considerable income tax cuts for families with children, offering childbearing subsidies, building kindergartens and nursing houses, paying university tuitions for children, and approving new immigration laws that give green light for taking in foreign immigrants of about 900,000 per year are part of the US measures aimed at touching a population of 600 million within the next 80 years, according to the announced plans.   Needless to say, the overbearing powers in a smart step divide the global population in “good and bad.” They apply secret policies and double standards in an effort to cap and manage the population of the Eastern and Muslim countries. But at the same time they try to mend the fertility behaviors of their families to pave the way for increase of the Western countries' populations.   In the course of examination and understanding of the causes behind emergence of population-related discriminatory policies, paying attention to a couple of social developments is useful. Over the course of past 60 years and actually following appearance of signs and consequences of sharp population rates drop in many Western societies and particularly the US, continuation of acceptable population growth rates in Eastern and Muslim countries, and after population rose to become a significant power and civilization element, a new era of population-related discriminatory policies and double standards in the world has begun. It was at this time that the global powers– while seriously persuading the undeveloped nations to restrict the population growth– at home rolled out important encouraging polices to spur the families to have more children for population rise.   On the one hand, many global economics theorists mark the population as the economy’s drive and on the other hand some world’s countries are advised to reduce population rates in favor of economic growth. The dangers of decreased food sources are always highlighted and are described as an outcome of population rise. Additionally, on the one hand the population-based security is theorized in the Western academic circles and on the other hand overpopulation in some countries is considered and painted as a factor causing insecurity and social disorder.   At the time being, world is undergoing a new period of multi-faced population policies. The term “global population war” helps a better understanding of the issue. The developed as well as some developing countries have sounded the alarms for themselves, thinking that drop in population growth rates caused their birth rates to sharply drop and so they cannot repair it in the future. This, they argue, leads to social decline and further population lapse. So they recently announced new incentives to stimulate a population growth. But a slew of documents, many of them belonging to the United Nations, suggest that since years ago, significant international plans were designed by the Western powers to cut down the global population. Remarks by influential figures and international organizations assert that this plan is still being pursued by the West.   The basis for purposeful depopulation is a formula highly favored by the political leaders in the West. Hegel's Dialectics is a thinking method with three stages: problem, reaction, and solution. Create the problem, stage the reaction, and offer the solution. In the present period, we can apparently see how top Western officials have fabricated the problem concerning the global population, prepared the reaction, and proposed a deadly solution. The very important point is that these global elites smartly implement the double standards and apply the depopulation plans on the developing, and particularly Muslim, nations through international organizations. At the same time, they prescribe packages of incentives to help increase population in some Western countries. They are very energetically following this work.   As we go ahead we highlight remarks made by Western officials and organizations about the so-called overpopulation and the resultant troubles and the need to save a minority of rich and powerful societies.   Barry Commoner, who was an American biologist and politician, in his book Making Peace with the Planet wrote that proposals have been made that can send to death the underdeveloped nations. The proposals advise limiting the number of children using either the physical or legal ways. The experts now suggest that instead of adding to efforts to support the impoverished and poor people we should limit them to save the useful generations of the human being, according to Commoner.   Jacques Cousteau, a French researcher, in his interview with UNESCO Courier, a magazine published by the UN, in 1991 commented on the need to manage the double-faced global population management. He said that it is so unfortunate that he had to say that useful population of the world must survive and to this end they had to eliminate 350,000 degenerates every day.   Bertrand Russell, the prominent British historian, philosopher, and social activist in his book The Impact of Science on Society in 1953 wrote that he did not want to pretend that birth control failure was the sole cause of overpopulation. “'War,... has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full,” He said. He goes ahead to propose three solutions to stabilize the global useful population. Birth control, infanticide, and spreading heavily destructive wars to wreak havoc with the world’s population excluding a minority of survivors.   Theodore Roosevelt, the former US president, in a letter to Charles Davenport, the prominent American eugenicist and biologist, said: “I am greatly interested in the two memoirs you have sent me.  They are very instructive, and, from the standpoint of our country, very ominous.  You say that those people are not themselves responsible, that it is “society” that is responsible.  I agree with you if you mean, as I supposed you do, that society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind.  It is really extraordinary that our people refuse to apply to human beings such elementary knowledge as every successful farmer is obliged to apply to his own stock breeding.  Any group of farmers who permitted their best stock not to breed, and let all the increase come from the worst stock, would be treated as fit inmates for an asylum.  Yet we fail to understand that such conduct is rational compared to the conduct of a nation which permits unlimited breeding from the worst stock, physically and morally, while it encourages or connives at the cold selfishness or the twisted sentimentality as a result of which the men and women who ought to marry, and if married have large families, remain celibates or have no children or only one or two.  Some day we will realize that the prime duty, the inescapable duty of the good citizen of the right type is to leave his or her blood behind him in the world! and that we have no business to permit the perpetuation of citizens of the wrong type."   Henry Kissinger, a theorist and former US Secretary of State, in 1994 proposed use of food as a weapon. His document was titled Implications of World Wide Population Growth for US Security and Overseas Interests. A year later it was adopted as President Gérard Ford's official policy. It was a plan for depopulation in the underdeveloped countries using population control and tacitly war and famine policies. This was while the depopulation policies in the US and other Western societies were unthinkable at the time. In Kissinger's viewpoint, the people are divided in productive people and “useless eaters”. He suggested that degenerates should be destroyed and useful Western people should be protected. He in 1978 and five years after receiving the Noble peace prize said: “depopulation should be the highest priority of the foreign policy towards the third world”.   The social elites should ponder the issue that why while Iran was rewarded for implementing the family control program by the international organizations the US was described as the most unsuccessful nation in depopulation.   Charles Ravenholt, the chief of United Nations Population Found (UNFPA) said that population control is necessary for preserving a normal flow of the US and Western commercial interests around the world. He adds that by means of two ways we can prevent the world's population from touching 10 billion: by capping the birth rates and increasing the death rates. No other solution can be thought of, according to him.   Nicholas Eberstadt, a prominent researcher at the American Enterprise Institute, in an article titled Fertility Decline in the Muslim World: A Veritable Sea-Change, Still Curiously Unnoticed puts hand on facts that are helpful in understanding Western discriminatory behaviors and standards on the Western and Muslim societies' populations. He relied on data collected from 49 predominantly Muslim countries whose fertility rates fell at least 44 percent from 1975 to 1980 and 2005 to 2010. This was while the fertility rates drop globally was at 33 percent. He added that 22 percent of the Muslim nations have experienced a 50 percent or higher drop in fertility rates. The highest rate of fertility decline took place in Iran during the past three decades: a 70 percent drop. Eberstadt somewhere in his article maintained that the fertility rates in Iran in past three decades have been wonderfully low, touching the 70 percent. This figure has been one of fastest and most considerable fertility rates drops in the history of humanity.   The fact is that as the population pyramids critically changed in the West, massive planning was set in motion to depopulate and dejuvenate the Muslim countries. Because the West knows well that at least until 9th century it was dominated by the Muslim civilization and sciences, and the Muslim scientific references were top references for the Western scientists. In other words, the West was totally intimidated to see increase in Muslim population and fresh rise of the Muslim civilization.   Maybe Iran is the only country where while all of the national statistical information suggests a drop in fertility rates and arrival of an imminent "aging tsunami", some experts still fault the country needs further depopulation policies and hold depopulation conferences in the country with a Western support, and call the aging nation a “golden opportunity.”