Islam Times 27 Feb 2021 122021000000Sat, 27 Feb 2021 12:28:27 -0500 12:28 -------------------------------------------------- Title : ’Israeli’ Soldiers Open Fire at Palestinian Children, Injure Three of Them -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - Dozens of Palestinians -including three children- were injured by ‘Israeli’ occupation soldiers’ fire, on Friday, in the occupied West Bank and Rafah. Text : In west Ramallah, 16-year-old child Ahmed Fulna was seriously injured with dozens of other Palestinians. They were hit by live bullets during clashes with Zionist forces, Palestine News Agency reported. The families tried to reach the area where the child was injured, but the enemy soldiers threatened to shoot at them. The agency explained that the child was wounded while he was accompanied by one of his friends in the Khirba area, which is considered a park for the people of the village. Relatively, another two Palestinian children were injured by bullets from the Israeli navy, near the sea of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip. The same agency reported that the two children were shot while they were on the beach of Rafah. The Zionist navy also attacked the fishermen s boats with bullets and opened water cannons towards them off the Rafah Sea. The enemy forces deliberately disturb the lives of fishermen in the Gaza Sea and prevent them from fishing.